Science Badges

Science Badges for Years 7-10, National Science Curriculum Level

What is the purpose of Science Badges?

  • To get students interested in and working on a series of sciences activities
  • As the activities are well within the capability of average students, they:
    – encourage student initiative
    – provide a tangible reward (approximately 2cm, enamelled metal badge and certificate)
    – don’t involve teachers in a lot of extra work

How does it work?

  • Students choose a badge from a total of 29 available
  • An Activity Sheet for that topic is purchased
  • There are approx 47 points per sheet. The student must complete 20
    of them, with the exception of the Investigation badge where students
    complete all the activities.
  • Teachers mark each task then sign the sheet once it has been completed
  • A badge and certificate is given to the student

When can students do the activities?

  • They can be done at home
  • Within 12 months is recommended for the badge

How much help should students be given?

  • The activities are designed for Years 7-10 and students should be able to work on them by themselves
  • Offer praise and occasionally some advice if there are problems
  • Encourage students to use a variety of sources to get information

What about the less able/very able students?

  • There is a varied menu of activities on each sheet to choose from

What does it cost?

  • Students pay for their badge to their school Science coordinator
  • Costs are listed on the Order Form
  • Individual Home orders can be made

How can the student start?

  • Once a badge is chosen, click on the underlined name/badge and this will link you to a sample of the badge questions
  • Print out the sheet and give it to the student to start working on the badge
  • Collect the money for the badge and send away for the full activity sheet and badge
  • Teachers transfer the marked questions onto the full activity sheet and give the student the badge once it is completed
  • Individual Home orders can be made

Click the button below each badge to see the sample sheet for that badge

Incentive Reward for completing badges:
When a student completes the required number of badges: Bronze (5), Silver (10), Gold (15) and Platinum (29) the teacher sends the evidence of the completion to Nick Atkins who will supply the appropriate (approximately 3cm) star badge. This is free for the school and student.


Platinum Badge


Gold Star Badge


Silver Star Badge


Bronze Star Badge