Frequently Asked Questions

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The Science Award scheme all started with an idea to help students develop an interest in Science.

Ask Us Anything

What is the Year level for the Explorer badges?

Explorer Badge are aimed at Year 5 and Advanced Explorer Badge for Year 6.

What is the Year level for the Activity Challenges?

Activity Challenges are for Years 3-4.

Can we link badges with curriculum areas?

Badges can be used in curriculum areas at school (with some homework).

Who marks the students work?

The class teacher marks the student’s work, if home schooled, then the parent/caregiver.

How is the student’s work judged?

The student’s work is marked according to the student’s age and ability level. The aim is to encourage an interest in science, not to criticise.

What if my child’s school doesn’t do Science badges ?

First talk to the school about what a great scheme it is, and how you would like them to get involved. If still no luck, then you can order the badges your self as a “homeschooler.”

What are Incentive Reward star badges?

These are rewards for students achieving a number of Science badges - Bronze (5), Silver (10) Gold (15) and Platinum (30). Details for how to get these free awards are on the web site.

Can the badges be used for extension or catchup work?

All the year levels are approximate –for extension younger children can do a higher level and older students can also do a lower level.

How do I introduce Science badges?

Encourage students to explore the web page showcasing science badges. Each badge offers a preview of activities accessible by clicking on it. Students can select the activities they're interested in, and you can handle the collection of funds from parents and place orders via the web form. While waiting for orders to process, students can begin working on sample activities, which can be checked off upon completion to earn the full badge card. Once students have achieved the required number of "stars" satisfactorily, you can present them with a certificate and badge, after which they can choose another badge to pursue. It's a good idea to have the entire class participate in the Science Investigations badge to cultivate their skills as "real scientists" and potentially select a project for a Science Fair. Additionally, there are incentive star badges available for students who earn 5, 10, or 15 or more Science badges, provided evidence is provided. Year levels are approximate, and younger children can opt for higher-level badges for extension.