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About the Science Award Trust

The Science Awards schemes are administered by the Science Award Trust which is based in Christchurch. It was established in 1985. The trust is a voluntary organisation which aims to stimulate student interest in science and technology through participation in a science award scheme.

The Trust membership is:

  • Sue Jarvis (Chair)
  • Nick Atkins
  • George Murray
  • Graeme Tinkler (Deputy Chair)
  • Pauline Jarvis (Treasurer)
  • Annie Bowker
  • Deb Scott
  • Karen Radovonich (Secretary)
  • Angela Devonport
  • Glenn Bull
40th logo on a flag banner

From 1984 to 2024…
that’s 40 years of service

The Science Award scheme all started with an idea to help students develop an interest in Science.

Contact Us

Any mail to:

Science Award Trust
21 Kingrove Street
Christchurch 8053

General Enquiries: Sue Jarvis

Order Enquiries: Nick Atkins

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