activity challenge

Activity Challenges

Years 3-4, National Science Curriculum Level 2

Activity Challenges

What is the purpose of the Activity Challenges?

  • To get students interested in and working on a series of sciences activities
  • As the activities are well within the capability of average students, they:
    • encourage student initiative
    • provide a tangible reward (certificate with stickers)
    • don't involve teachers in a lot of extra work

How does it work?

  • Students choose one of four topic sheets:
    • Pondering on Plants (The Living World)
    • Tantalising Toys (The Physical World)
    • World of Water (The Material World)
    • Weather Watch (Planet Earth and Beyond)
  • Stickers are placed by the teacher on the activity sheet once it is completed by the student
  • A certificate is given once all activities are completed
  • A pack contains all the topic sheets
  • 1 pack for 10 students is $25

When can students do the activities?

  • They can be done at school and home
  • 4-6 weeks per activity sheet is recommended

How much help should students be given?

  • The activities are designed for Years 3-4 and most should be able to work on them by themselves
  • Offer praise and occassionally some advice if there are problems
  • Encourage students to use a variety of sources to get information

What about the less able/very able students?

  • There is a varied menu of activities on each sheet to choose from

What does it cost?

  • Students pay for their sheets to their school Science coordinator
  • Home schoolers please email Nick Atkins to sort out individual orders
  • Costs are listed on the Order Form